[Con] Beds on roofs despite being placed onto floors

I build a house, craft some beds and I move them into the house. When it is placed the bed appears on top of the house (on the roof)!

It only started happening after I moved the game into full screen

Why are the beds on the roof?!

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hi there @dulydude … welcome aboard! :smile:

can you perhaps provide some specific repro steps? and possibly take a few screenshots as well?


Hi @SteveAdamo, cheers! Been looking forward to playing this game for a while!

I start building my house and while building I craft beds at the same time but leave them in a drop off area. After the house is built I then place it in the house. The transparent copy of the bed (where it is going to go) is inside the house.
The worker with the bed then moves into the house, and starts placing it in the house, however after they finish placing it it appears on the roof!
I’ll take a screen shot next time it happens.


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just out of curiosity, when you are trying to place the bed inside the house, do you use the “toggle view” option that removes walls, enabling you to see inside the building?

excellent, thanks! :+1:

I can confirm this bug. To get the bed down from my roof I had to build a ladder, but after that it was moved inside without a problem.

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Are you placing the beds around the edges of the house? If so, trying placing it in the middle away from walls or other objects and see if that works.

So just been playing again, but this time not to do with beds but related to the issue…I present the floating chair!

Ok apparently new users cannot upload images…grrr
@SteveAdamo why can’t I upload?

Basically I went to place an outdoor chair next to another chair and it appears after being built in the air. When I’ve been placing beds I’ve been doing the same thing…related?

apologies, that’s a requirement from Discourse (you have to have been here so long, and taken so many actions before you can post images)… if you like, feel free to post the image somewhere like imgur.com and either @Geoffers747 or myself can directly embed the image for you…

Howdy. I’m not sure if i’m posting this right since this is my first time reporting a bug, but here goes. I encountered a bug on my seventh day where i placed a comfy bed in my house facing towards me against the wall, i believe on the east side, that inexplicably ended up on the roof. I tried to go back into the save file to get a better picture but couldn’t due to a crash after loading the save file. I’m not sure if this crash is game side or client side since chrome’s running on my laptop with 4gb RAM. Apparently i can’t upload the save’s screenshot since i’m new.

I’m not sure if this will work, but the in-closed link is to my dropbox with a folder containing my save data, presumably giving you access, cheers.

To be precise, all one needs to do for image posting is:

  • enter at least 5 topics
  • read at least 30 posts
  • spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts
    See here.

Probably worth cut/pasting whenever someone asks (although the link is in the automatic notification you get when you first join, it’s not something lots of people are going to spend time reading when they have their first bug to report).

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Dropbox is easy for the pic sharing.

I am having the same problem.
Here’s a picture of the bed on roof.