Fancy beds disaperas in buildings


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Trying to place a fancy bed
  2. Hearthlings places it
  3. It doesn’t show up

Expected Results:
I am undeploying mean beds to change them out to fancy bed.

Actual Results:
The mean bed is removed as it should but when placing a fancy bed there with the “move furniture” it firt of doesn’t get a “ghost” image, and then when the hearthlings walk up and “places” a bed there it disaperas or goes invisible.
This has happened with 4 beds so far. Thou I waited until sleeping time and the hearthlings goes in to the floor with the fancy, invisible beds, they also turn invisible until they come out again. They are rested thou.

The second floors on the picture has the “invisible fancy beds”.

Version Number and Mods in use: No mods in use, latest test branch, alpha 3023.

System Information: No errors or crachreports at all.

This sort of thing happened to me… Don’t know how it happened, but was a fine fancy bed… No ghost after placement, and when they placed it; it was not visible.

Reloading save didn’t do it. Reloading the game itself didn’t do it. However for some reason rebooting my computer did… I only found out when I next played. Not sure if it will work for you, but that is how my fine fancy bed finally showed.

Still I don’t think it was meant to go invisible at anytime while during a session. Was wondering if someone else got that same bug.

Log file of that session might be handy for them.

Sadly it didn’t help rebooting my computer either.

Sadly I don’t know how to get the log file…

Try turning the slice tool off. There was a bug that would mean you wouldn’t see any furniture in multi-story houses if the slice tool was at a level lower than that floor.

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That is actually pretty easy.

In steam got to game properties, and choose browse local files. It will be in one of the tabs.

Should be in the main directory “Stonehearth.log”

It would be overwritten every time you boot up stonehearth. So reasoning of getting for the session for that obvious reason.

Hope that was clear enough way to find it. :slight_smile: