Inventory management: How do you handle overproduction?

After my town had reached a certain size, I just couldn’t get rid of my resources anymore, so I wondered how everyone else is handling overproduction.

E.g. I created too many farms for herbs. As a result I had a constantly swelling amount of herbs in my stockpiles. If I reduce the production on the other hand, I’d risk an undersupply.

Likewise, I was using a lot of stone for building. However, this also produced a huge oversupply of minerals, which I couldn’t even sell off as the vendors don’t have enough money.

In the stockpiles meanwhile it is possible to select the amount of resources, and thus theoretically stockpiles can be used to prevent at least the collection of oversupplies. Sadly, they don’t allow granular management (e.g. distinction between different types of ore), so the utility seems limited.

What solutions did you come up with?

Stone wood clay and I think wheat all have blocks to store more of a material into less inventory space, also merchant stall helps with selling but your better off turning it into something else value wise

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I just constantly make things to raise my worth. According to what I’ve read, raw resources don’t count toward your worth. You have to either sell the extra off, or make it into something you sell off. Making items always increases the end value anyway.

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Everything counts, raw stuff is just worth less. To raise networth, try to produce fine items, and build a lot, builds boost it. (I have more networth coming from the builds than everything else)

For the original post problem, just build market stalls (from carpenter or potter) and use it to summon traders, so you can sell everything. Try to notice what you don’t need and reduce it. For example, do you have sheeps? If so, you don’t need a silkweed farm cause both gives the same resource. Or do you have turnips fields? If so, reduce it and just leave the good crops on full size.


Sorry, but nope … or did they changed it?

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I’m not sure. I would guess everything that can be sold is counted. I will check later.

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Raw resources don’t count

This mod helps a lot with organization. Maybe you should check it out?


Regarding the merchant’s stall: Is there an option to automatically sell overproduction?

No, it is the same as the common merchants, except you can call it multiple times (once every 5 hours) and can have multiple stalls.

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