Dealing with stock overflow

In my games I tend to get a overflow of several resources. Silkweed for instance. I usually set up 11x11 patches of what I’m growing to keep the symmetrics and things to look nice and at the start of the game I usually have to create a lot. Worker and warriors need clothing, a lot of beds (the better blue ones) needs to be made…

But after a while, when I’ve got all of this out of the way I don’t really need that much silkweed as it then would only fill up my stockpiles and crates. To deal with this I sell 30 of the 50 silkweed for instance if I have so much in my stock pile. I do so for other materials. Corn for instance.

Later on when the carpenter has leveled up and you can make a shop you can call inn a trader at any time and sell whatever you have too much of… But would it not be nice to be able to cap production or “auto sell” resources?

I’m thinking of the last one, a “trading outpost” would be nice. A building/shop that accepted resources/items with certain parameters and that would be traded for X/gold every 2/5/Z minutes. Maybe this would require the player to create a road from the end of the world to the village much like the early Sim City games to connect to “other” villages and open trade routes?