Introducing SpookyBusiness !100 SUBS!

Hey guys!

I know it’s been a while, oh well… A few days ago me and my two friends, Folka and Purplekush, decided to make our youtube gaming channel! We have 24 subscribers and we have uploaded 4 videos up until that now. We are very proud of our work but we feel like we can do more and better! I’d need some sweet feedbacks from you guys my fellow hearthlings, on how we could make our channel better! If you enjoy what we do and want to see more, then please leave a like and subscribe! It’s always much appreciated! :smiley: Becarefull now, you might get sp00ked! :wink:


This is…



What I find really spooky that you are uploading the same content as Paulsoaresjr (who is the best youtuber ever and you should check him out because he is awesome)
If you are I won’t judge you
Or am I >:)
Find out in the next episode of SpookyBuisnessesseseses!

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I remember paul from a while ago, i used to be one of his biggest fans.

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Did you just say used?!?!
This is madness!!!
(And yes I know this is Sparta)

well if hes like me i used to watch every single video right after it was uploaded, but now i just watch a video every once in awhile, if ever… im not sure why either, i just kinda lost interest in his vids…

Yeah, back a few years ago i watched his videos.

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New Banner and we got partnership with SocialBlade! :smiley: