Infinite town banner

at the beginning of the game when you will put the flag of their city, I put, the more it did not faded and still appearing to me to put the flag of the city ps: sorry for my English, I am Brazilian and I’m using google translator

version alpha 10 5-10 (x64)
I can not put a print screen :v

Hey there @AdapterBr, welcome to the Discourse! No worries about your English, you are doing just fine!

It looks like you are using an outdated version of Stonehearth. The current version is Alpha 13, Alpha 10.5 is almost 6 months old! Did you install the game from Steam or Humble Bundle?

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my version and steam, it really happened before when the current version was 10-5 hear it when I could not report bugs, but thanks for the reply = D

So have you been able to start a game with Alpha 13?

no, I started playing in version 10-5

Hmm…if you installed Stonehearth via Steam you should have been automatically updated to Alpha 13 when it was released. Can you confirm what version number is listed in our game? The version will be shown in the lower left of the menu screen and the top left when the game is loaded.


I think that he’s having this bug:

which we resolved by doing a clean install.


Marking this #not_reproducible. If @AdapterBr can provide any more details, will happily move back to #support:bug-reports.