Increasing Attack Speed of Archer Through Headwear

I am working on a project right now and I would like to increase the attack rate of the archer through headwear, I’m not entirely sure how to proceed. I’ve tried looking through the archer’s abilities but I don’t understand how they sped up the archer attack speed. Thanks in advance for any insight you guys can provide!

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Cool, can you also make one with “kobold like” range? those darn snipers…

The way it’s handled now is that the archer’s default ranged attack is changed to a new, faster, one.

I think it’s done this way to also get the right animation for the attack, since there is no tech that alters the speed of the animations themselves (at least from what I’ve seen).

I think the archers can obtain this range after leveling its final range passive skill (don’t know the name)

range increase rank 1 and 2

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