Incorrect ownership of loot

Loot from enemy chests and defeated enemies sometimes gets incorrect ownership. The ownership of any metal ingots is not set to enemy, making hearthlings to try picking it up. They still have “Loot” icon, though.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Defeat an enemy who drops a metal ingot (or destroy a chest with an ingot inside)
  2. See that while loot in general is marked as “enemy ownership” (red outline), ingots are not (white outline).
  3. Sometimes hearthlings try to pick up this loot witout direct command, exposing them to terrible danger!

Expected Results:
Any loot dropped by enemy/enemy chests should not be picked up unless the player ensures it is safe and issues a direct order to do so.

Actual Results:
Unlike other loot, metal ingots are not enemy-owned.

In fact, it seems ingots are owned by the player, in spite of the “loot” icon, because my engineer tried to pick up the bronze ingot from the enemy chest to craft some gears.


Version Number:


whoops! i noticed this back when kobolds were first added but totally forgot to report it :sweat_smile:

hmm… not sure who to page on this one, maybe @linda?


This doesn’t seem the case nowadays, the ownership seems correct.
We’ve taken a note on the wrong white outline, which is caused by material maps, but don’t know when that will get fixed.

Moving to not reproducible so that the thread doesn’t get bumped.