[Alpha9 build 240] - Guy not retreave a lost ore stollen by gobblin

Title:Guy not retreave a lost ore stollen by gobblin.

a gobblin stole a iron ore,
i laucnh all my guy to retreave it.
the gobblin release the item when my guy attack him
the gobblin die.
End of attack, end of alarme stat.

but after a while, 0 guy go to take the ore for release it in the stockpit.
The stockpit is 10% used…

Steps to reproduce:

  1. wait a gobblin stole a item and go with it
  2. launch attack
  3. wait for the retrieve of the item.

Expected Results:
ore go to the stockpit

Actual Results:
ore not taken in the stockpit


Versions and Mods:
Alpha9 build 240

System Information:

Once a goblin picks up and item the Owner id is changed, you have to use the “Loot” key (loot other player button) before your hearthlings will pick it up


Ah thanks. i dont know that.
but me i set a stockpit over the item and destroy it just after the creation.
my guy go after the item.

And one ther thing :
The next gobblin go after another item and not this one.

The goblins I believe have a specific item(s) they are ordered to collect and they become almost single minded in it until the item has landed in their stockpile then they may pick up alternate items.

I think or that’s how I’ve seen them work