Goblin camp items ownership

Loot from the chest in goblin camp has different ownership. Ingots are usually player-owned (even if they weren’t picked up before).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have a goblin camp spawned near your town
  2. Destroy the treasure chest in the camp, then retreat.
  3. See as your hearthlings march to their doom endlessly trying to pick some of the dropped items.

Expected Results:
All the items dropped from the treasure chest should be owned by enemy until they are picked up at least once by your hearthlings.

Actual Results:
Some items (in my experience, ingots) drop with your ownership (white outline). Strangely, they still have the “loot” icon on them, but hearthlings try to pick them up even without the “loot” command.
If there are alive enemies in the camp, that leads to hearthlings cyclically trying to approach, running away, then trying to approach again. Sometimes they are hit by the goblins and eventually die.

The same problem with loot from the Crypt’s treasure chest.

Version Number and Mods in use:
A22 r729 x64