[r375] Looted items are picked up for crafting, sprite hovers anyways

Summary: With the new goblin spawning and item drops, my footmen often kill a goblin and a crafter looking for the item that they drop will run over and pick it up before anybody can loot it. It will remain on their workshop with a ‘loot’ sprite if you have tagged it to be looted.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Kill enemy
  2. Select dropped item, click to loot (e.g. iron ore)
  3. Have crafter build something with the dropped item as an ingredient (e.g. iron ingot)

Expected results:
Item enters your possession when picked up, loot sprite disappears.

Actual results:

This sprite hovered over the anvil until the ingot was hammered out (a good 10 minutes later!)

Version: r375


I also noted this happening with a log brought to the fire pit. It was later looted for real, but the fire kept going, resulting in this old bug: