Inability to redownload the game after uninstalling

Ok, so i don’t know if there is already something dedicated to being able to redownload the game, but i haven’t seen anything. I bought the game around alpha 3 i think, but not through humble bundle, and i can’t find a way of getting it through the stonehearth website. I did have the game on steam but i uninstalled it when i moved steam to a bigger hard-drive and wanted to clean it up a bit. When alpha 10 came out i wanted to get it back and play around, but i couldn’t find a way of re-claiming it, so if anyone knows a way to, that would be greatly appreciated.

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There’s no reason as to why it shouldn’t be in your Steam library. You haven’t changed your library settings to only display installed games have you? You can check by going to your library and then underneath the big Library button there is a search box, next to that should be the word ‘games’?

Otherwise you need to go on to the humble website and login, and then download the game from your ‘library’ of games on the humble site.


Neither of those are capable of working. When i uninstalled the game from steam it disappeared from my library, and i didn’t purchase it through the humble stone, i purchased it from the stonehearth website.

All purchases of the game have gone through the humble bundle widget on, so you can get your download link from the Humble Bundle Key resender. Follow the instructions here: Download the Stonehearth Alpha (also, FAQ)!


How odd. I don’t believe a game should just disappear from a library …

What does this say in your Steam?

I think it may have been passed through my other account, which is odd because it shows up as a game my main account owns, even though it was bought through the other account. So as i thought, i was definitely doing something horribly wrong. Sorry for wasting some time on this, because of a slightly foolish mistake, but thanks for providing necessary information about several avenues of retrieving the game.

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Yep, there it was, sitting on my other account. Still don’t get why it didnt appear as “Sharayde’s games” on my main account, but at least now i can play again…after i reinstall it and install the updates xD Thanks again guys.