Re-install oddness/wierdness

When the Alpha 9 came out the other day I tried a clean install with the Humble Bundle version, I used the Stonehearth Installer.

I’m unable to change the directory it installs to, I can type a different location but the game will still install into C:\Program Files (x86) no matter what I put in the install destination.

I also had several “saved games” that were NOT mine listed, they would not load but were listed there somehow, so being the logical person that I am I went into my control panel to see if Stonehearth was listed and I find there were 3 Stonehearths listed but no were could I find them, I removed ALL instances of Stonehearth I could find in the control panel and re-installed again and again I have saved games that should not be anywhere on my machine.

So I believe there is a registry entry maybe that is messing with the clean installation of the game? Makes it really hard to get a “clean” install when the game is sneaking installations bits somewhere else I can’t find.

I also tried a manual install with the Humble Bundle ZIP file, same thing happened, had saved games that were not mine listed.

well, that’s a bit peculiar!

by “clean” install, you completely deleted the existing directory locations for both the HB and Steam installs, yes?

Yes, I normally manual delete the stonehearth folder on every patch to avoid complications

I don’t understand how it’s finding saved games when there is none in a new install

aye, that was the really peculiar part of your report… :confused:

Is there an easy way to remove all instances of Stonehearth in the windows registry? I’m finding many mentions of Stonehearth in it even after removing it from my machine.

Did you ever run the game under Steam? That’s where your mystery game saves are coming from (and vice-verse). For some reason the two (Humble/Steam) initially share save games on start (don’t know why, but there you are).

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Yep all was deleted but somewhere in my system the Humble Bundle version found stuff somewhere, this is why I’m looking for an easy way to remove all instances of stonehearth from my windows registry, manually is soooooo tedious! there’s a bunch.

This totally reminds me of @Vexed 's problem.