Import problem with multiple matrizes

Hey everybody,

as said I have some problem with importing my qb-Files to Stoneheart.
Just worked fine for a long time, but now, my modell is all messed up :-/

As seen, the mast is messed up, the shields are on the wrong side (7 shields where 8 should be) and the middle ropes showing in the wrong direction, while the long ropes are totally wrong. Seems, like the hole detail-model is turned 180° and some are just positions are messed up. But in Quibicle everything is alright and the .qb-File looks like it should be:

So I really don’t know, why this is so messed up. Thought this could be a side effect of importing two .qb at the same time, but if I just import the it looks the same way.

Importing just the rope also creates just a messed up modell, so i thought, that some Quibicle-Transformation like “Flip Axis” aren’t supported, but as the .qb-files looks alright, I don’t have any clue. Without the ropes, the old detail-version just worked fine, but not now.

I wonder wether there are some settings i could have activated accidentally? Ore are there some operations, that aren’t supported? Maybe someone has a clue…


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