I'm sorry, I broke your poor pathfinding

These poor girls are starving to death at the bottom of a stupidly long dwarf-style stair case because they can’t figure out where the food is.

Steps to reproduce:
0) Suffer from medication withdrawal, and then stay up hours past your bedtime.

  1. Start a game in the desert.
  2. Bring a trapper’s knife.
  3. Start on a mountain.
  4. Ctrl+C “Destroy” one of your villagers because you’re making a lesbian dwarf wonder haven and you only managed 6 / 7 female starting villagers.
  5. Set up trapping zones so your one trapper can more or less feed the small starting village.
  6. Build a staircase out of the mine that reaches bedrock.
  7. Make a hallway extending ~120 blocks from the staircase because you wanted a viaduct before you started laying out floor plans.

Expected Results:
This was clearly the perfect plan.

Actual Results:
Accounting for the semi-horizontal nature of the staircase, you now have around 350 blocks walking distance between the workers and the mountaintop where the food’s happening. They have no knowledge of it. Attempting to put a food storage zone at the bottom of the stair case does nothing.

Teleporting a worker to the bottom of the staircase does nothing. Teleporting her to the mountaintop results in her immediately eating three jerkies. Then if you’re incredibly lucky, she attempts to put down a jerky in the same square the trapper is but from the opposite side, and the animations start unintentionally living up to the town’s name.

Les Orgios.zip (5.9 MB)
(I really hadn’t planned on anyone seeing this town name. Haven’t double-checked the board rules on perversion, but I apologize not even a little bit profusely nonetheless.)

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 17, Build 3023
Better Stockpiles v0.17.1
Tents (Actually called just that. It has exactly one tent~)

System Information:
Windows 10 64-bit
Toshiba Laptop (Satellite P855)
Intel i5 Processor, 4-Core, 2.5 GHz
680 GB Hard Drive
Integrated Graphics Card


are you sure the issue is with pathfinding and not that they do not see the storage area? because they do not walk to what they do not no about :slight_smile:

Nah, they were up and down during the construction process~

EDIT: Oh, wow. Uh. So I was teleporting other workers up there to get food, and then they not only didn’t see the food, they decided to return to their previous position. So they walked there. Straight there. Right through the ground. No regards to conventionally understood physics whatsoever~


The evolution of hearthlinkind is here. Who cares about conventional physics if you can go through walls (aside from reproducing with only one gender).

Are they generally stuck down there? Can you rally them to the town flag?

So it turned out only one or two of them was actually stuck that way, the rest were fine. I eventually managed to coax the other one back up by teleporting the food down to her until she was no longer starving to death, then after a while she calmed down and ran back up.

It would seem that the top of the staircase to the end of that long hallway is too far for them to see anything, but from the top of the staircase to the bottom is totally okay. So I just had to do something to get her to the bottom of the staircase (a mining job) and recheck her priorities (fooooooood) to get her to remember the surface world existed.


Good for you. Do you want to delete future males too if you get one after a daily update? Does this change the security morale like dying?

It does, yeah. Waiting an entire extra day every time a male spawns is always frustrating by which I mean I’ve definitely never had all-lesbian villages before, so I typically just save scum until I get a girl.

(I can now honestly say I not only derailed a bug report thread with lesbianism, but did so by getting someone else to do it for me. [Victory pose])

Always glad to help :wink:

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Now that is a specific bug report! I hope, the devs put this much effort in and actually reproduce the bug through all given steps! :smiley:

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It miiiiiiight be possible that I thought this was such a specific error that it was unlikely to help any dev that read it, but it did technically need to be recorded, so the report itself was written mostly to amuse whoever has the unfortunate task of responding to bug reports~

Can’t help you with pathing, but did you try Hearthlings of many faces? I find it unsettling to know you essentially kill the males instead on simply using magical transgender button.

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Whats the problem with it?
Gender equality is in real life far from perfect so why should a virtual reality be restricted to such an utopia. In hearthstone the player is the mightiest authority (especially with the debugtools) and can change this reality at discretion.

Oh, well. Have to agree though that the magical button in your blurred text would be more friendly to hearthling’s life.

You two are really overthinking this~

Yeah, you’re right. I’d have some fun with the game instead, werent it for performance broblems if you want to bild something bigger than a puny bungalow :rage:
And afterwards you have to clean thousands of ladders because your hearthlings are saying;
“Whats the problem mate? Here’s your building. This scaffolding? That was in the blueprint, wasn’t it? No? Then it’s art. Be glad you got some decoration as bonus instead of raging and yelling at us.”

Sometimes I really would destroy those buildings afterwards if it would delete the scaffolding with it too.

The scaffolding and ladders are separate objects from the building, you can actually just destroy them from the console with no repercussions~

I know and I’m forced to do it, but that doesn’t make the situation much better if you have to destroy hundreds of parts (especially if the building consists of 100% slabs with many details)

First of all, remember that this forum is family friendly so please refrain from bringing up certain themes and using bad language :slight_smile: (and avoid derailing the bug reports!)

Though I found the report written in a mocking tone at first, I admit that I laughed a bit on a second read:

(we’ve had some hilarious reports sometimes, it makes the task more amusing)

About the bug in itself:

Well, hearthlings have a sight sensor of 64 units, and the stairs are longer than that (vertically).
But I’ve seen hearthlings rushing from far away when it was lunchtime, so this might be an edge case of the pathfinder. Maybe @Albert can take a look.

Thanks for reporting!

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@Well, hearthlings have a sight sensor of 64 units, and the stairs are longer than that (vertically).
But I’ve seen hearthlings rushing from far away when it was lunchtime, so this might be an edge case of the pathfinder.

So I guess that is most likely the issue i’m having with my city too, good to now the limit :slight_smile:

It might depend on the task. I remember lots of bug reports in the past complaining about hearthlings not looting items that were far away. Many things were tweaked, so I’m not sure how this works currently, that’s why I called a dev.

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