Idle problem gonna be fixed any time soon?

Is this idling issue ever gonna be fixed soon? As in like an Alpha? It’s really game breaking… I can’t get a good game going without them working, they always start in like 8 days in and I can’t fix it. I just make a new game & hope for the best. Not complaining or anything, just curious if it’s like on the agenda.

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Things I’ve learned that may help: Only have ONE thing at a time for folks to do. For example, don’t have 2 or 3 mining spots lined up or 2 or more building things going on at the same time, and make sure EVERYthing is in a proper storage location - weapons, for example, won’t be picked up unless they’re in a proper storage spot. Also, check your crafters inventory for an item he doesn’t have supplies for - this may be putting the brakes on his other items.

There’s still a lot of things broken, but then that’s what Alpha’s about I suppose. It’s not supposed to be a complete playable game yet (though we’re chomping at the bit for it). Doesn’t make it any less frustrating though… :weary:


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thanks for the feedback @NonBritGit

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Yeah I get you man, thanks @NonBritGit.

Yes, I do believe they plan on fixing this! :smile:

Totally off-topic:
I’m somewhat interested in etymology and usage, and was mildly amused to observe that perhaps the reason you don’t use the correct/preferred/original phrase, “champing at the bit”, is because you are, indeed, NonBrit. I, too, am NonBrit, but somehow developed their pickiness about language.

You might wanna check this out @HamoPeche:

I’m also hoping for this to be resolved soon, I’ve had one game we’re my hearthlings didn’t do anything but being idle, sleeping and eating when hungry (my footmen didn’t even go on patrol!). Restarting Stonehearth didn’t work; still had the same problem.

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I wonder if this is actually a pathfinding issue as well…