Trappers won't Trap

Got a Trapper and half a dozen full traps around camp, but the dude won’t empty them. Won’t even give them a second glance. I need some pelts, dang it! [build 205]

Edit: Demoted him back to worker and gave the job to someone else who appreciates it more, haha. Not a real option when your trapper is high level though.

Edit, Edit: Now the new trapper is standing around rocking on her heels. Emptied all the traps a couple times but that’s it.

Probably a part of the long standing villager idling issue? I’ll try to find an earlier thread.

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Hey, you quoted me :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, took out ALL my traps, demoted my trapper (again), gave the job to another dude and planted ONE trap zone inside their camp. He imediately went over and set a trap (that has since caught something). He hasn’t been back since. I’d say trapper is just broke at the moment.

Can’t seem to repro this in my trapper tests. To verify that this isn’t another version of the everyone idling problem, can you confirm if this happens at the beginning of the game with nothing else happening?


Ironically, even when the idle bug occasionally hits my workers and my crafters stop making stuff, I don’t think I have ever had a trapper stop running around and clubbing small cute animals.


I, unfortunately, am not able to confirm either… I’ve tried to bore my trapper to tears…

but alas, the girl is a trooper! :smile:


@sdee I’m no longer seeing this, so maybe it was a fluke… All seems ok several games later.

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Could one say that… trappers gonna trap?

[size=10]I’m sorry, I’ve been watiting to say that this whole week[/size]


That depends. If you’re channeling Taylor Swift then I will, sadly, have to kill you now…

I’m guessing this is an issue with the latest test build in Steam, because I’m seeing it again. Haven’t noticed it on build 205, but it’s back on Steam latest.

I’ve not had this issue. The trapper has been the most reliable class, even continuing to work when everyone else is stuck idle. He’s always such a trooper.

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i didnt see also this issue … ok i have it ONE TIME … but it was my fault xD forget to make an stockpile for pelts … so his inventary was totalally overloaded xD

This is something to look at, true. I’ll make sure to take note next time. You should get some notice that he won’t drop his stuff though, since all the other crafters drop stuff on the ground if there’s no storage spot. …expected behavior…

he needs 2 storages - one for food and one for pelt ^^ but if you open a storage for all its also enough ^^

Specifically, he needs a meat and animal parts storage location, otherwise he will stop trapping.

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I’ve had this problem too and after a while and started to get annoyed because I really wanted to get a shepherd.
So I’ve tried the ‘solutions’ given in this post and made a lost of these are the things you should try to do if you have a simular problem and added a few.

  1. Make sure the route is clear, ladders are insecure to my opinion.
  2. Check if your trapper’s inventory isn’t full.
  3. Check if your storage rooms aren’t full
  4. depromote him and promote him or someone else (Will lose exp, if you want him to be a shepherd too, don’t try this for you need a level 3 trapper).

I did all of the steps and still my trapper doesn’t want to ‘harvest’ forrest critters. Instead he likes to haul boulders from my mine to my storage area, please help…

I am having the same issue and it is on Steam 10.5. My trapper will trap to about level 2 and then stop. It becomes idle. everyone else levels up nicely though.

This is a common bug when the lua or other load orders get to high. I’ve been on steam for 10 years and i’ve alpha/beta tested games repeatedly for all company’s except valve and Bethesda (by no means am I trying to sound great in any way) I finds that spawn issues are common in these indie/starter games.