Idea for world generation

I"ve seen a lot of threads about how some people who want a god mode like in SimCity 4. But wouldn’t it be better if upon the world generation you could change this instead? God mode would be a bit like cheating and would make it feel like a different game to what Stonehearth is all about. So without further ado…

Sliders. Want more trees? Just turn up the tree slider. Want smaller mountains? Just turn down the mountain slider. By default (how the world currently gennerates), the sliders would be sitting in the middle. This would allow the players who want more control to build their perfect town but it still keeps the option for traditional generation. This will also give a lot of potential for challenges such as The Limited Trees Challenge or The No Mountains Challenge or The Too Much Water 7.8/10 Challenge.

But I’ll let you decide.

  • Do we want sliders…
  • …or a god mode?

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For those of us who do not know what “god mode” is, can you please define it?

The ‘god mode’ in SimCity 4 was basically terraforming. You shaped the world exactly how you wanted it before you built your city, and then once you started it was locked. So some people want to terraform and have absolute control. But like I said, it’s cheaty, and since you typically don’t use the entire map the part you terraformed it would stand out against the natural generation. Having sliders would apply the changes you wanted to the entire map so it is not like one part of the map looks man made before you have actually started building.