Map Creation Controls

Hey there

Just wanted to add a suggestion that you add more control for the creation of the map at the start of the game…generally speaking the map creation creates a map where at 50% of the generated terrain is completely unusable.

Whether its 85 % mtn or water most of the map is completely useless and unplayable.

It would be really great if you added more control over the spawning of water and mtns. Whether that sliders or whatever…for most of us we spend a long time picking the starting location to ensure we have a good game based on our spawn.

As well the map does not do a great job of showing the gradation of the terrain…by which i mean you may spawn at a location that appears to be large flat location but when you actually spawn in…its an much smaller area that has multiple elevations on it.

Would love to see this added as it would make a big difference in the enjoyment of the game.


While I agree with the scarce amount of “perfect spots” this is probably intended.
If you’d find perfect fields with easy to defend natural mountain walls and plenty rescources on every roll in the location selection it’d feel fake. Because you aren’t settling in a nice place that’s formed for your pleasure. You are settling in a hard world with monsters and creatures that want your belongings by taking them from you.
The fact that the locations that are easy to live in are hard to find only adds up to that feeling.

Hey mate…its not really the “perfect” spot that i quest for…still like a challenge…its more that most of the map is literally unplayable, its difficult to assess the terrain elevation and that if you are going to have a map, where you choose a spot: having control over the map generation simply makes sense.

If the intent was simply to make a random spot then there really is no need for the map generation part at all. Just randomly generate an area and randomly stick me in it.

Again…perfect spot does not mean “everything right there”…but it does mean give me more control to create a world/spot where its fun.

its really not fun to start a map in an area where only a small part is big enough to accept the “goblin camp”…some maps simply dont have the space for it.

More map generation control is not to make the game easier…but to make it better.

I agree with the little less mountain part. my maps usually 70% mountain is kinda annoying, what if i want to build a city in Kansas?

I’d also welcome a little more variety. Gnomoria for example features sliders like @Hanz mentions and it’s working pretty well, I’d say.

Sliders are a must-have for a game with procedural generation like this.