I think chieftain Is bugged for me

Its been like 30 days since he showed up with his camp and it doesn’t seems like he is doing anything.
not requesting any item not attacking I can’t attack and destroy his camp until he go aggressive so idk what to do.

this definitely sounds broken, could you perhaps provide a save file?

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Sure I will update my save file and upload it to google drive , should edit this post in about 5 minutes.

Edit : Saved-Game.rar - Google Drive

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did you give him stuff? or did he just never asked anything. If you give him something in the beginning it can take a while before he asks again

try’d too load your savefile, but my game just crashes. Are you using any mods? If devs wanna see it added crash files.
crash.dmp (176.1 KB)

stonehearth.log (173.4 KB)

crashed for me too, appears the cafe’ mod is being used.

cafe 'mod ?

And nope It didn’t ask for anything since he came the first place.

stonehearth cafe,

in the .log file it references stonehearth cafe (cookmod.smod)

are there any other mods in use with this save file?

I didn’t remember putting this mode but not that I know of

Pretty sure its the only one there

alright, if you want, you can double check by going to your mods folder, under this file path if you’re playing on steam,

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\mods

by default there should be a radiant.smod, rayyas_children.smod, rayyas_children_ui.smod, and stonehearth.smod, any others are ones you’ve added/installed

mhm so I have frostfeast and the cook expansion but nothing else

maybe the mods are messing around with how chief is behaving?

Frostfeast will definitely be screwing with things if you’re still using it.

Cookmod shouldn’t be, so you must be using an obsolete version.


Alright so I will give it a go without the Frostfeast and see maybe the chief will attack , thanks!