Goblin Chief Quest Bugged

Hi there, i just started a new game cuz i got a new pc. i dont get the message from the goblin chief and he just spawns in my town without notification. i get an error and i cant fight the goblin chief because he is untouchable with his red X (when i tell my footman to attack him) and the game became unplayable cuz it starts lagging hard with sometimes 50 goblins. is there a way to make them hostile again ? at the moment i use the destroy command but i need a better solution over time

I uploaded a pic with the error cuz i started a new game again. can someone please help me with this ? its annoying and i dont want to start a new game everytime i get this error. atrherherher — Postimage.org

Hi I think one of your mods is causing that error. Can you try running without the mods and see if the error goes away?

I have no mods :disappointed:

That screenshot you shared displays an ‘M’ next to the game version number, which means that mods have been modified in some way. Keep in mind translation mods are actual mods that can cause errors like the one above. Please double check your mods folder?

Oh, the mods folder was invisible, my bad. fm — Postimage.org can you tell me for what these mod are ? :slight_smile:

radiant is the main mod that makes everything else work (official)
stonehearth is the main game (official)
rayya’s mod adds the rayya’s race (official)
rayya’s_ui is the mod that change the interface style to match rayya’s style (official)

russian is probably a translation mod to russian
candledark is a Halloween mod
frostfeast is a snow/Christmas mod

Why you add those if you don’t know what they are?
The candledark and frostfeast don’t work with current version from what I know, so you can remove them, the russian mod can be temporally removed while testing, then you re-add it again to recover your language after the tests.

I never Added them by myself i dont know why i have them. i just installed a fresh version from release 572 from my brothers usb stick and i have the mods again. im gonna delete some mods and play a new game. hope the story works now. thx for your help :grinning:

Buying a legal copy of the game might actually help

The Russian translation mod used to have an override of the population.json that will cause this error. I don’t know if it’s been updated yet. If you need to play the game in Russian, please check this forum for the Russian translation mod and see if there’s been an update and install the latest one.

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Its my Brothers game i dont know if its a legal copy, i thought it is original. Everything works like a charm now, no errors, just smooth gameplay, thx everyone :heart_eyes: if its not a legal copy i definitely buy it on steam tomorrow :smile: