I Got A Problem With Sheepherds (This is maybe a bug)

So i have couple of mods installed in my stonehearth, and i have this problem: everytime i hire sheepherd, it just stops moving and glitches somewhere, if it wants to eat, it just cant move, if its starving and dead, well its not dead, just standing and doing nothing. This is maybe a bug problem, or because of mods.

I Play Alpha 21
Got like 10 mods

Sounds like a mod issue. Make sure all your mods are up to date - especially Café if it is installed.

I heard the guy that wrote it doesn’t know what he’s doing half the time!

But in all seriousness this sounds like an issue with Café that arose when A21 came out and has been subsequently fixed.

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By The Way i got another problem, when someone eats something, like carrots, pumkins, papayas or coconuts (mods), they say that it was raw and they want it to be cooked, and they just die because theyre eating raw food and i cant cook it

Again, an issue in the cafe mod. They (most probably) aren’t dying due to eating raw food or unhappyness due to it, they are dying due to thirst (added by the mod). Placing a well and harvesting water from it, or having yaks producing milk will prevent this.