Refuse to eat and wounded

all my hearthlings became severely wounded and refused to eat it was only the 4th day!!

Could you be a little more specific about what’s going on? Screenshots, a save file. Or atleast a description of the problem?
Because just posting on the forum that something doesn’t work makes it pretty hard for anyone to know what’s happening and thus help you.

Thanks in advance

At the start of the third day (hard mode) half of my heart longs were severely wounded and all of the refused to eat. On the second day I was attacked my zombies and made everyone milita to fight back. By day 5 they all started Dieing. I do have @Froggy’s stonehearth Cafe and farming mod. I have already deleted the save but if it happens again I will send the new save file to you

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Hello @gwood9001 :slight_smile:
Did you have enough food in your inventory?
Were your hearthlings in raid mode, perhaps?

Also, which version were you playing? A17 / A18?

Alfa 18 l had plenty of food I believe the problum originated from the cooks mod I removed it then re added it and the game worked fine then. I think origanal they were not drinking which @forggy added into the game.

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Oh, I see. I’m glad you found the cause :smiley:

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