My hearthlings were not eating but there's plenty of food!

I have plenty of food but my healthlings would not eat and complains about not having food for 24 hours everyday.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Tried to make 2 cookers but nothing changed.
  2. Tried to put foods in Chester’s or on ground but nothing changed.
  3. Tried to keep making more and more food…nothing changed QAQ.

Expected Results:

Hope that they can stop complaining…

Actual Results:

Keep complaining and not eat…


I have 23 hearthlings but still plenty of food, I puts the food just on ground normally and then tried to put chairs, table, food inside Chester’s around, but it didn’t do much. They are still refuse to eat…

Version Number and Mods in use:

The latest version and no mod.


Interesting why they stopped eating food after a while. Is game running decently smooth?
thinking if it’s related to not enough cpu power left on the one thread stonehearth works on.
What system specs do your PC have?

I see you said your not using any mods but are you sure that ACE is not active?

game does sometimes spam you about “can’t find any food” but normaly it’s nothing to worry about it just game acting weird and ACE might improve some on that soon

Yes I didn’t use ACE in my game but would that help?
Everything else in the game is just smooth and normal…
Although my hearlthlings won’t die (because they will end up eating something in about a day or 2 later) but they would still have very sad emotion and complains…

And here’s all about my PC:

Try pausing the game for a few seconds, or run in slow speed instead of fast.
Ace will probably not be helpful here if your case is just lagging a.i.
Feel free to upload your save file, maybe people can give you tips on how to make some lag proof changes

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Seconding bruno’s comment. most likely its just your AI being overloaded since you are running 23 hearthlings on 2.6GHz core. (i have an overclocked one up to like 4.2 GHz or something and i usually stop at 24 for smootheness reasons. so yeah. )

onyl thing i can think of, check if there are enemies around you can get rid of, might clear up your AI problem a bit. and or cap your hearthlings for your next game to like 20 or something.