I really love what you did with 2699!

I got 40 hearthlings out fast!I built a castle on top of a mountain with some painstaking effort.
I’m going to post some pics soon.I encountered a few bugs.This has been the most managable with memory leaks!My game only needs 2GB at start.I keep the memory under 2.5GB by reseting every 30min or so.Quadcore performance on 3.8ghz is great most ever is start up 72%.My dual core is still 100%but its not to laggy to play on my laptop.I notice the game has alot of trouble multitasking after 28hearthlings.They mine,chop trees,farm,hual things around and aren’t to bad.Then they 1st start having trouble job changing(28),Placing objects can take longer then 3hrs sometimes even if they are idle (32),enemies freeze up(32)They build though and every save reload I can get them functioning again!Awesome work!(I got to fix my steam review now)