My two 10hr games on latest steam branch!

I gave the game everything my desktop could throw again!
The 1st game was going amazing and went way better then any before up until 18 hearthlings.
I had a goblin spawn and attack my town.I oneshot him but then the endless music loop and
many other odd errors.I couldn’t place my cooks mill.I just wanted to move it to the new roof top dinner I was making.That was the only item I just couldn’t get to place or even work.
I saved and loaded 5-6 times then all my nonfootmen went idle and froze in place.
I even pause the game several times for 10min. in hopes it would catch up.
No luck.max cpu usuage was 78% memory was 77% at 12GB and some change.
I’ve learned that when the game looks like its getting FPS5 to pause and let it play catch up.
The game is actualy running over 100fps.That takes some getting used to.
The 2nd game!I was in love with the map I had and was going to build a slave home and a castle
with 3 basement levels.This game went so smooth I was in shock!
Then the day before I got my 20th hearthling I was siege d by sneaky goblins.
4 waves of 3 hit 2 at a time.Before I could finish 1 another spawned and another!
I won this epic battle.I turned most of my workers into a footmen army!
The next day a stray goblin wolf comes in dies and i get my 20th hearthling.
Sadly the nonfootmen all froze up and I couldn’t get any work arounds to bring them back.
I had a ton of fun this time the fps5 feel only came around at 20 hearthlings.
The music didn’t even bug that game!Cpu 84% memory97% very nice in comparison to the 100%
cpu I used to get all the time.
I’m going to wait for more branches to come out and I’ll be back to try again.
I feel I gave about all I could and got back about all the game could afford me without bugging out.
I’ve submitted my bug reports and will include my 2 saves in this post.
Nice work on this branch! Dropbox - Link not found
I will be back!(system specs this time 5.5ghz quadcore I-975 16gb ram win10)