I Need Help With Modeling Dragon Neck

I’m trying to make a dragon like neck using qubicle and every time I try it just ends up looking like a staircase, any suggestions on what to do for this, like what would be the best way to combat this?

I’m looking for something along these lines.


You should check some of the streams to see how Tom animates his qubicle models. For instance, Twitch is all about animating pets.

Based on how Tom works, you could just give the dragon a long straight neck, then chop it into multiple pieces suitable for animation. Then, in the animation stage, you’d be able to pose the neck for whatever look you need.


I didn’t think of this… Thank-you for making a complex situation into a more easier one.

I would make them squares like the Mammoth Tusk, would give you freedom to animate and hold the look