I deleted the game, is there a chance to get it again?

Hey, my name is Timon and I bought this game a view months ago and I think its a very cool game ;), but when I reseted my computer the game was deleted, is there any way to get it back? My father deleted the activation email, so im not able to send a screenshot that i bought the game, but I can give you the mail adress. Maybe you could check with the email adress if I had bought the game and send another download link to this email adress.

I hope that’s possible, thanks for any help.

Hey there, maybe check out if you have an account over at:

If so you very likely will find the game download in there :slight_smile:


@Spyro did you buy through Humble Bundle or Steam? If Steam, then you should be able to simply reinstall the game from your library.

If Humble, go to https://humblebundle.com/resender and enter the email used to purchase the game.

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I bought it through Humble Bundle and now it works. Thank you very much for your help :wink:

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