Computer wipe - how to reinstall game

I have bought this game fairly but my computer needed a full wipe how can I prove that a bought the game so I can get an other copy

hey there @VodoBoy, welcome to the discourse :smile:

if you got the game through humble bundle follow these steps:

  • go to your humble bundle account
  • in your humble bundle library locate stonehearth
  • download the installer and install the game

if you got the game through steam then just re-install the game through steam itself.

if you need any further assistance feel free to ask!

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I got it off this website not on steam or in a bundle unfortunately

if you got it off the website the game should be in your humble bundle library, as thats where the download is when you purchase it from

so if you could check your HB library that would be great :slightly_smiling:

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thanks I love this game now i can play it again

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no problem mate :smile:

[quote=“VodoBoy, post:5, topic:19506”]
I love this game now i can play it again
[/quote]glad to hear that it was easy as just finding it in your library again, have fun playing!