I couldn't help myself

What is best in life

Steps to reproduce:

  1. To crush your enemies
  2. To see them driven before you
  3. To hear the lamentations of their women

Expected Results:
Hearing the lamentations of their women

Actual Results:
Seemingly no female Orcs or Goblins exist only the unusual relationship between a Goblin chieftain and his sheep(gross)

This is of course a joke post which is why it’s in this category. It does not in any way reflect the current state of the game.


Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information:


Warhammer k40 orks are breed from spores, tolkien orcs are pretty vague on the subject early on they use sexual reproduction. later on they are grown by sauron somehow

Goblins are demonic entities from real folklore i think…but not clue on their “biology”

But Arnold approves of your message none the less :stuck_out_tongue:

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A while ago, one of the developers mentioned that the game actually generated both male and female goblins, but most people couldn’t tell.

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Yeah, this has something to do with the beards… oh no, wait! That’s the thing with she-dwarves.

Yeah, in folklore goblins are Sidhe the nastier ones known as the unseelie. Not that the seelie are full of hugs and warmth.