B..being the goblins?

Just imagine how it would be, playing the goblins, and seeying them evolving into “orcs” like humans into “knights”. :open_mouth:

Goblins don’t evolve into orcs - they’re two different species!

Hmm i remembered
Re: Monsters
Goblin slayer in this topic :sunny:

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Yeeah I love that manga, I just hope he developers will think about this!

Oh okay, It made me think from the manga re monster, they can evolve in there ^^ but however they should still evolve into something greater than a knight!

(well i can think evolution is nice but not really necessary…)
I can think of this in minecraft but monsters usually just spawns instantly here… TO REKT U…
than transforms lol.

Probably some modders will do something like that though…

I LOVE that manga, hasnt been updated in a month and I cry.

That could be fun. And as a goblin player, your job is to steal from other kingdoms rather than fight them.

That would be interesting. Your units, as goblins, would be weaker than most human units. (or Bunnies?) So, having units as well as gameplay centered around moving away from risk and stealing would be cool. Not sure how they could do that though.