DT: The Red Kiln



Goblins gon’ goblin

Since I’m the first to reply, I’d like to claim this glorious opportunity to “advertise” my fan fic

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I caught that quote too and… I had to. I’m sorry.


You’re my hero @Averest! :grin:

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oh my goodness! now you’re also my hero @Averest

I think the orc model is a bit too similar to hearthlings and their faces are too flat.
A more brute-ish jaw/mouth would do it I think.

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Agree. They just look cute right now. I am afraid they want to hug me to death…

hmm… well the orcs in the picture are the female ones, here’s what the male orcs look like,


Yes, i like those. But they seem to be im the minority in my game. I always see tons of the pankake-face ones.

Who are you to question the wisdom of the RNG? :wink:


I really like the male model!
But even if the others are females I still think the face needs some work. They look a bit … like someone slapped them in the face with a frying pan.

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is that not what the male orc’s do to there females? to make clear they are taken?