Huge bugs in the latest update

So, i loaded up my world and prepared for a fight with an army of goblins (around 12 or more). that is when i saw that none of my hearthlings were moving and were just frozen. Along with this the game was constantly throwing error messages at me, not just small pop ups but full screen error messages. is there a way to fix this or is this save to far gone.

I will post pictures of some of the error messages

to far gone i would say. it is suggested that you start a new save every time an update comes

How did you manage to load your old world in the new update? Doesn’t it say “save incompatible”?

The game also seems to suffer ALOT when its nighttime and lights are lit. it lags like molasses in the cold.

i have been using the same save since alpha 8, was i not supposed to…

you can load the games, they just are buggy
edit and your not supposed to :wink:

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It says Incompatible Save, but what it really means is more along the lines of You can load this save, but it may be more bug-prone and we’re not responsible because we told you there were compatibility problems.


I can confirm that you can load an incompatible save and then save it with the overwrite to get it to play for a bit, but the bugs are just waiting for you to think you are in the clear and then BAM! Dead game until you start over.


I think we can close this one up then. The huge bugs seem to be a hangover from using a save from a previous version of the game, is that right?


yes, the only bugs that remain are the excessive darkness when night comes around, some lag when lights are on, and a few error messages.

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