[uA23r766x64] Incapacitated

so I loaded a game I had started previously where I was in the middle of building a giant wall and I got a strange error.

...mponents/incapacitation/incapacitation_component.lua:253: attempt to index local 'sm' (a nil value)
...mponents/incapacitation/incapacitation_component.lua:253: in function '_declare_states'
...mponents/incapacitation/incapacitation_component.lua:63: in function <...mponents/incapacitation/incapacitation_component.lua:61>

all the hearthlings are stuck not moving, its like the queen of the hive mind died

stonehearth.log (5.5 MB)

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Oh no, we forgot to tell you that save compatibility is broken for this build! :disappointed_relieved:
Sorry about that. I don’t remember it being in the patch notes, but we’ve been announcing these kind of changes in the last dev blogs.

Found the announcement from Steam:

We’ve been working on some fixes and changes based on feedback from our Nov 30th push. As mentioned previously, if you are on the unstable branch, you may not be able to load saves created in our last unstable update to this new update, but we will make sure that saves from the last release on the stable branch will still work with updates to that branch. This push will break saves made from the last unstable version.


oh I didn’t even realize it had just been updated yesterday since the 5th. steam auto update got me. :roll_eyes:

I really wish there was a way to import a map that you played on previously and start a new game from there. the ruins of a lost civilization. would be a nice alternate start mode. of course there could be an option to dismantle the ruins and get some bonus material, or rebuild it as best you can by adding on to the ruins.

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