Error on Startup

I loaded a saved game and turned the view 90 degrees and got this:
release-766 (x64)
…mponents/incapacitation/incapacitation_component.lua:253: attempt to index local ‘sm’ (a nil value)
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
…mponents/incapacitation/incapacitation_component.lua:253: in function ‘_declare_states’
…mponents/incapacitation/incapacitation_component.lua:63: in function <…mponents/incapacitation/incapacitation_component.lua:61>

I made the message go away, and all my villagers were standing in place, not moving. The only thing that was moving was a squirrel.

As soon as I can find the saved game, I’ll back it up, but I’m pretty sure I can’t play that game now.

Saves from unstable release 765 are not always compatible with unstable release 766. In general, saves made on the unstable version are not guaranteed to be future-compatible.

Started a new one. No trouble yet. :slight_smile: