How will the Beta be? And how will it be updated

I have backed $30 dollars to this awesome game and cannot wait for the Beta to come out! However it draws to my attention they said that it will have continues updates. So will the updates be through receiving new emails with updated versions of the Beta. Or will the Beta be updated like minecraft? Were when you open the game a window opens and you can either select update or play?

Will you also have the ability to mod things into the game in the Beta?

Well, how the updates will be provided only the powers to be might know. However, typically you do not need to download a full build, but smaller updates.

As far as I have understood, you will be able to start modding with the Beta, yes.


In one game I am a fan of, StarMade, the client will uninstall the entire platform and then reinstall it with the update/patch. It is a surprisingly efficient system, but that would certainly vary depending on the size of the game in question.

this is a great question, and one i’m surprised never came up during all the live sessions…

it could really go either way i suppose, having a new executable client for each update, or having an “update mechanism” similar to what the minecraft model uses… the later being significantly more involved, but also much more user friendly…

… on the modding part, I have just found the source confirming that you can start modding in the Beta already (see: “Modding” in the FAQ).



My main question is, once you buy the $30 package (with Beta), and it is released, Will the download be by e-Mail? What is the download system for this program.
Also, will there be small updates to this Beta? (All leading to the final version)
Finally, the probability for the Beta to be able to be used on Mac computers.

Thank you very much, I look forward to the game’s release,


It is likely an email will be sent around detailing all of this closer to release - the game has recently been greenlit, so it lis likely that Stonehearth will be on Steam at some point - but they’ve stated they would want a way for people who don’t use steam to access the game. As such it sounds as if there will be a standalone launcher for the game.

Yes. They’ve said the beta release will have the two core elements of crafting and building in place. As such it is likely that we will have updates from beta up until release and beyond adding new features and improving the game.

Mac and Linux was one of the stretch goals. It will be on Mac.

I just want to clarify on @Geoffers747 point about Macs…

Yes it will be released on the Mac… but I’m pretty sure there’s no confirmation that there will be beta on Mac. If I recall correctly, they actually said there won’t initially be a Mac beta.

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SH is also now available via Humble Bundle, which means the client will be accessible via that platform as well…

and let’s merge this thread with another, related topic… get all the beta “stuff” mushed together… :smile:

p.s. welcome aboard as well! :wink:

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Thank you!

By the way, do you know if odds are against the Beta being available for Mac?

I like these forums, good community. I’ll be coming back.

Thanks again,


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the current understanding is that the initial beta release will likely not be available for Mac, but it will be available before release… given that there will be about 9 months between beta and public release, it could happen at any time…

but im sure the team will do their best to get the beta to their Mac base as soon as is possible… :+1:

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Thank you very much, looking forward to it!

See @SteveAdamo, I told you paying him that ÂŁ5 was worth it.


you are quite welcome… and for what its worth, you can enjoy the game vicariously for a time (as im doing now watching the Cube World alpha footage) before the Mac client is released… :wink:

best money i evar spent…

Well… if the game is Greenlit for steam couldn’t the majority of everything just be done through steam?

well, its been greenlit, but there are still any number of steps and/or potential obstacles before SH is actually available as downloadable content via steam…

but having it available on more than one platform would only beneficial… the more folks that can get their hands on it, and from as many sources as possible, the better…

in fact, im curious if radiant has looked into other platforms like desura?

Hurry up I can’t wait any longer to play Stonehearth. It’s gonna be a awesome game. The wait is killing every time i read some think cool about the game it make the wait even longer.

Well i feel a bit better now.


dude they already have a planned beta date just wait also we cant rush the devs nothing good can come out from a rushed game

Haha yeah i dont want to rush them at all!!! lol i just want december to hurry up lol. All im saying is i can’t wait!!

hi I want to know if the beta is near to all rodinateur? I play on mac