How will the Beta be? And how will it be updated

All I hope is that the Beta is ready by the anticipated date (Dec 2013). In the meantime, I kinda like having something to look forward to in my life again.

I believe i overheard that they want to have it available to pc and mac when the beta comes out, linux would follow shortly after. (livestream)

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there’s been no confirmation yet that the beta will be available on Mac, but i am sure they will do everything in their power to see that it happens as quickly as possible… :smiley:


We will play the beta on steam? Probably will be nice if you can put a early access on steam for people who cant pay with others forms ^^.

I ask here because the last post about this was on jun XD

its highly unlikely the preview release (beta) will be available on Steam anytime soon… perhaps a few months into the year, once the client has been out for a bit, and updated (perhaps) once or twice…

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I have a question rather… special one :slight_smile: If the game releases on steam and we already received our copy of the client, will we be able somehow acces it on steam? If you know what I mean?

And another one. The coop mode… I understand it wont be in initial beta release, but will it be added in patches or just in the official release?

And last one… persistent world ( mmolike ) I know that we did not meet the stretch goal, but guys told on KS, that it will be added later. Is it still true? And will it be paid update ( DLC like )

Sorry If I am posting in bad topic :slight_smile:

yes, i would assume so… we wont have Steam access for the initial preview release, but it will likely be available later… and backers will probably get a steam key via Humble Bundle…

from the campaign FAQ:

Can I pick to get my beta/release copy through Steam?
Ideally, yes, BUT FIRST we have to be on Steam, so if you haven’t voted for us on Greelight yet, please do so! Second, once we’re on Steam, we still have to look at all their terms and conditions, so we can’t say yes for sure at this time. But we will definitely update the community if/when we learn more.

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@MrInfro I thought only one special question :wink:.

I understand that we will get keys from Humble Bundle which you can also register with Steam.

We simply don’t know yet (and maybe even de devs don’t know). I could imagine that this depends a lot on how the beta goes. Multiplayer might not be the highest priority. So if all other features are up and running, maybe we can test also multiplayer. But maybe Radiant also wants to keep something in the backhand for release…

It was mentioned that this feature might still make it in but that this will probably depend on how successful Stonehearth will be. So again we will have to sit, wait and see at the end :wink:. DLCs have not been confirmed so far for post-release of Stonehearth.

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I imagine it will come at a later date through an update, obviously this is one of those things that, as time goes on, we will have a better understanding of how and what the whole thing will be. It might come between December 2013 and September 2014, or it might be in the release in September 2014.

There’s not been any update/ info on the topic really since the Kickstarter, they’ve stated that it would obviously be something they would love to do, but it is time and resources … if the game gets to a place where the whole persistent world thing makes sense, then I’m sure we will see it … I don’t see that happening any time before 2015 though …

Again we have no idea! Sorry. This is probably something that will not be talked about/ answered for a while as the game obviously needs to be in a place where the persistent worlds thing is in the works. The description on Kickstarter does mention some potential costings to access/ use servers set up by Radiant if I remember correctly, so, that might be one thing to pay for. As I said above though I very much doubt we will see anything from this for a while, sorry!

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At least all our answers are going in the same direction :wink:.

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@MrInfro I hope between us we’ve managed to answer some questions :smile:

Guys, you are just awesome :slight_smile: Thank you all for your answers, yes, I have what I need :slight_smile:

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excellent! :smile:

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edit: odd, necroing my own post… at any rate! this seemed relevant, as one of @sdee’s responses to yesterday’s update directly touched on Steam, and the ability to get the client via HB (this is now in the FAQ as well)…

If I download from the humble bundle store, will I still be able to download the game on steam?

Yes, our goal is to offer steam keys AND downloads but our Steam story is not 100% finalized yet. More details coming!