How to Show Path-finding?

ok, a few old videos of stonehearth on youtube show some games with the active path-finding in yellow

Is there still a way to show this in-game, just so i can see what my little guys are actually up to… cheers


you can find the path-finding info and everything by clicking on the little bar as such:

All you need to do is click once on the little line close to x-ray. Hope this what you meant, If not sorry for posting this.

Hope that helped!

kind of what i meant, and i know how to do that, thanks… but what i am asking is how to see it as routes in the game world, like a few let’s play’s in youtube show these paths buut i was wondering if that ability still exists, thanks for your help though @Stoneheartfan

this was possible using the “F” keys. But i do believe they removed this, at least for us

well, the reason i ask is because i would really love to know why hauling the wood that is going to build the ladder to save my miners has taken priority over building the actual ladder??? lol

perhaps you could try:

  • giving the order to build another ladder
  • cancelling the ‘gather wood’ order
  • cut down another tree to grab wood from

i could do i suppose… does anyone know of any mods out there where i can change their actualy priorities? cheers

In the main menu, you would go to settings, then click on the tab at the bottom that says “Gameplay” then check “Show Hearthling Paths”.

I have included an image below.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for answering, that was very kind of you :jubilant:

You do realize that question was asked 9 years ago though, right?
I mean, it’s definitely nice that it has been answered, and I hope the author is still around…

But yeah, that was a bit of necromancy :merry:

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