How to Change The Resolution?

I have the latest alpha and i used to change the resolution before in user config and json file but now its different it wont work also can someone tell me the original setting for the json file i kinda forgot wut the file width and height is xD

Unless I’m horribly wrong, the game’s resolution is constant regardless of the screen. Like it auto adapts to whatever size the window is…

Window size is dynamic, however you want to expand it, can be expanded. You have zoom in and zoom out functionality. So what are you trying to do with resolution? Pixel perfection, better graphics? Well try enhancing other graphics settings.

That might help :slight_smile:

Hey guys kina find the probleme here in the userconfig file where you can enter the resolution in mine there was 1081 with a “,” just after i erase it and probleme solve hope that will help u

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