How to change the color of cleric's heal?

Hey, guys.
I was searching on the stonehearth.smod files to know how to change the color of the cleric’s heal. I found some files and honestly I got confused, because is … a lot of files.
To create a mod, is there a way to change the color of the cleric’s heal more easily?

I did a lot of digging around with the cleric recently, and I’m pretty sure what you want is “heal_aura_effect” at stonehearth\data\effects\heal_aura_effect. My guess is you’ll have to make your own cubemitter that has a different color, and make your own “heal_aura_effect” for your mod.

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If i’m not mistaken, the file @thelegorebel pointed there will likely contain a cubemitter file path, going in there will give you access to a cubmitter file that you can edit the RGB values to change the color of the effect, it’ll take some fiddling around with, but it’ll work

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Oh, thank you.
By the way, do you guys know if it is possible only apply this effect when the heartling is with a specific item? (Like a hat)
For example, the color of healing is yellow, and when the heartling equip a specific item, the color will be blue.