How long have you survived in game [Alpha 8]

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Thought i’d continue this as last night in my twitch stream I made it to the second month (31 days)!

Gonna try to go as long as I can!

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well i believe you have survived a lot long then most as i believe the day 19 bug is still out there

23 days, still going strong.

My Alpha 8 crashes reliably when I reach day 9. In all 3 cases so far I had a new hearhtling every day except the first morning, so I guess I must have had, uh, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 = 7 + the initial 6 = 13 hearthlings each time and each time it crashed with the 13 and on day 9. That’s with the 32-bit client. I am going to download the 64-bit unstable and see if it goes longer.

I’ll made it to day 20… with saving my game every day at dawn, until it erased my save.
Is there a way to back up my saves to a different folder to keep the game from deleting my game saves?

It was some thing like day 35 I am not 100% sure but I had a LOT of people . . Oh and I quit that world do to my shepherd bugging out and spamming a lot of errors :frowning:

Hey there!
This is a known issue with the 32 bit version of the game!
They are working on optimizing it so this won’t happen anymore but it’ll probably take a while since optimizing games isn’t an easy thing to do!

People who have a 64 bit computer use the 64 bit version of the game, which is alot more unstable (more crashes, loading games and saving games takes minutes sometimes or crash) but the overwriting = delete bug isn’t there.

Unfortunately, till it’s more optimized you won’t be able to play long games I’m afraid :\

Lol, my game glitched! I went from day 4 to day 16!

I’m getting right about into the mid to late teens before something catastrophic happens.

Day 30 Latest 64bit build

Kept my Population to 12 (few AI/errors), If I start to go past that pop count things get dicey. I have noticed a stuttering during timed events (sleeping/eating and a bit during the day/night transitions, nothing major though). Hopefully I can double the pop count in the future. I should also add I have been manually Destroying the ‘Goblin tokens’ (really need a in game sell or destroy function without using the menu).

I streamed on Twitch last night and made it to Day 33 [32-bit client]. I made a Game Save mostly every dawn and when I made any good progress, until the client stopped excepting anymore saves. It made it to Day 28, that’s when it wouldn’t take anymore saves, so I just rode it out until it finally crashed on Day 33. :slight_smile:

Day 5 of Dewmun, which I suppose is the 36th day. Details here.

This is my latest before crashes and A.I. bugs

That’s a Impressive day count! :open_mouth:
Adding with it the population and all the extra’s that is.

My little citizens stop doing anything every game somewhere between the 10 and 20 day.
Soooooooooooooo my best game was 18 days long on saturday.

Welp Day 3 of Rainmun still 10 villagers, only way i know how to keep game smooth. Keep out A.I. bug

can somebody explain what its mean this Rainmun, Ranmen, etc? are this months?

either months or seasons

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I was kinda thinking it was like the Chinese Calender type of deal: June 12 year of the Rat. Seasons make sense though :slight_smile:

Ill let ya know if it recycles, so far the game is smooth, i kept it at 10 villagers so no real problems yet.