Game Progression Question

I’ve dropped quite a few hours into StoneHearth thus far and I really am loving every minute of it. Despite the normal Alpha issues, I had a question regarding game play.

I have reached a point on a standard game where it would seem that “invaders” are constantly appearing. I literally had two groups appear while I was fighting one that was already present. So here’s the question:

Is the game, at this point, set up so that the player will eventually just fail due to overwhelming odds?

Well… As far as i know, No

The encounter system should be limited to 2or3 encouters a day, and i’m pretty sure they have a timer to prevent such situations

I think this is a bug of some sorts

Or maybe you fought the enemy for too long and the game had time to spawn some more in the duration?

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@Mystara What day are you on?

I am on the 8th of Dewmun, 1000.

Did you face the massive army of around 30 goblins 7 super wolfs and 1 HUGE STONE GOLEM

Not yet. The last largest army was with the giant wall smashing orc.

Oh then just wait you will loose your next fight be careful the wolfs flank your men and go to your other hearthlings and the golem distracts you while 30 goblins kill your troops