New play alpha 14 --- 2 day long

so trying to play on alpha 14…
first day --> no new heartling…
2 ° --> 1 new.
3 ° --> 8 minions forest… -> surprise… set up 2 soldier… OK but 1 die before my guy come…
my 2 soldier défeat the 8 monsters. but with low heart i need to set the new guy for this… but how ??? no reserve.
after 5mn… new monster the big one a golem ? the big guy of forest… --> die 1 soldier…

so : end of game.

hum… where i can lower the dificulty ?


Thank you for the feedback! We are still tuning and at this stage player input is very valuable :slightly_smiling:.

Hm, the stone golem shouldn’t be appearing too early in the game. Was the name of the monster ‘Little Stone Golem’ or just ‘Stone Golem’? Also, how many hearthlings and net worth did you have? (Check under town menu, shortcut ‘i’).


in my opinion there are many monsters which are to easy to kill or not worth it. But on the other side it took me 10 days to get one more heartling because i had no food :sob:

Alpha 14 does not alow the hearthlings to build custom buildings.
manually designing works. acutal building. they dont start @ it

Day 4. Giant Zombie

i kill this zombie with the wood sword xD

yuh, me 2. He aint so tough as he looks apperently :slightly_smiling:

Here Day 3… new @@@ of monster…
no new heartling… so…

the same game : day 6 : 2 !!
1 giant zombie…

and 8 Entling…


with all this monster and the restricted new heartling. food, etc… i give up the normal game… now i have to play only the peacefull game… I dont like to have the stress in early game. I dont have time to build any house…
Could you add a option for set the ‘hard mode’ in number of day ?

I’ve found the normal game has a really large influx of enemies spawning up until the goblins are defeated. So much so that I lose a hearthling or two. After that most occasions are easily dealt with as I have max weapons armor by day 5 or 7. There isn’t a linear progression of enemy spawn, I’m not worried about it, it’s kinda fun.

I play couple of ingame weeks. Om this moment i have not a single dead hearthling. Tip: try to position your town starting place so that you face incoming enemies from less then 4 sides. F.e. on an elevated ground where enemies van only come from east and west