How Long Have You Survived In The Game?


So, I was wondering what was the longest time have you survived playing the game without it crashing or breaking on you. This will be measured in Stonehearth days.
My longest was six days,

So, share your results!


My longest for the bugy of alpha 4 is about 5 days

about 30 min -.-
(extra words in parenthesis so i can make the annoying character limit)

Well, I meant in Stonehearth Days, but I guess seconds, minutes, hours, and days would be fine.

I just have to edit the post.

15 days, then I tried to cancel a building, then it crashed, then I accidentally saved over it.

I think I once lasted something like 214 days. Although, 209 of those days were spent just letting it run in the background to see if any longevity problems came up. It still worked fine after that, but…

Anyway, yeah. I basically spent the first 5 days building fences and farms. After that, I just left it to run.

So 214 days.

12 days with repeated saves and quitting and restarting the game to fix issues

4 days, saving and restarting the game several times.

I’ve accidentally opened the game once to code something and wondered eight hours later where those weird snoring sounds came from.

5 days and still going strong.

2 homes, a farm, multiple stockpiles and 7 villagers.