How does one go about taking care of a pet?

My trappers keep befriending small forest animals, that then starve to death because they don’t eat animal feed or hearthling food. How does one feed squirrels and raccoons?

The ones I had in my town went to eat from the vegetables on their own

Wah, they are! So how do they keep dying, then? They don’t seem to go outside the walls, so I can’t imagine they’re eaten by wolves or something. I’m going to see if I can keep a closer eye on them and figure out when and how they’re dying.

If the food is inside a container (crate, chest), they can’t eat it. You should leave food in a stockpile near where the pets are, otherwise they don’t know how to reach the food.

Oh. Okay. That seems difficult to pick up on without being told, but I guess it makes sense.

my trapper gets a bunch of foxes and squirrels tamed and leaves then at the trapping place, they help themselves to the trapper’s food basket and confuses me when I try to check on the trapper.
at least they increase town morale


Didn’t you want everyone playing with Necromancer class? Here we see an example of a dead thread being necromance’d back to life 3 years later :joy:

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this made me laugh… thanks

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