Feeding raccoon pet

My trapper made pals with a raccoon and now its hungry. The game says the cook must make food so the shepherd can feed it. There are no food that the cook can make for it so I make what is available ,but my shepherd does not feed it.
The wiki is out of date so no help there. Any advice?

Raccon is a pet from the trapper, not the shepherd. So if you want to give him food, place a stockpile with food near where he is and he will eat on its own. It can be any kind of food, but I think it can’t be inside a crate, only in stockpiles.

The pets eats food from your stockpiles or from baskets or jerky you own that are just lying around. The cook makes food for the domesticated animals that your shepherd has gathered.

correct they will not eat food inside of crates or boxes

Thanks, the notice above the raccoon icon in red says the shepherd will feed it so that is what confused and just what to feed him. thanks again.

Thanks for the reply.

Ok, just for interest the only thing the raccoon ate was rabbit feed. No fruit.

they also tend to eat up all your jerky if you are not careful as well :smiley:

Thanks for explaining it, I will take a note about this, we might need to change the message :smile: