Pets usefull or useless?


Are the pets that the trapper makes usefull for anything or do they just eat your food?


hey there @simonborje welcome to the stonehearth discourse

currently thats all they do. though there has been a some discussion, here on the discourse, of whether they should have a use or not.


Useless and take your food …


They’re very useful! They act adorable and regularly make sure your food supply isn’t too full :smiley:


My food supply being too full is my #1 issue in stonehearth… need like 3 max sized food storage for every 1 everything but food storage…

luckily that is being changed when food can spoil so you wont have such huge surpluses of food.


you can just sell excess food


They can be handy to draw monsters away from your base. I had two little ogre guys chasing a squirrel around the map for ages! Otherwise, completely useless


well for me, not much likeing theres creatures (as they have no use) its annoying to resign their unrequested lodgings with my hearthlings every now and then. (i feel like they come back after certain time??)

even wors: with new traits you can hove five of them or more…

sorry for all the hate… but srsly all the scratches on furniture and they loose fur -> vacuming on daily basis


And make you sad when pet die. :rabbit2:


they make your people happy. I have a racoon and a fox, and my town morale is higher than my previous towns.