How do you deal with rotten food?

I’m always overproducing heavily early game, and usually end up with half a stockpile of rotten food. How do I get rid of it? It doesn’t do anything, and the sound of flies buzzing just annoys me when I’m trying to build nearby.

Is anything planned for it in the 1.0 hotfixes?

Don’t overproduce. It is the best thing you can do. The recent changes to food values and immigrants scores made it extremely easy to reach the food goals (less than half of what it was before)
As a bonus, not overproducing means less hauling, less work, more citizens free to do other stuff.


But when you do overproduce and get rotten food there is the option to destroy item. It’s the last button in the harvest menu, same menu as gather, mine, cancel task and loot.
That’s for when the item is visible in a stockpile. Not sure what the best way to deal with it is when it’s in a container.

The food should auto dissapear after a certain amount of time.


If you have a LOT of rotten food to deal with, you can fill containers with it and then delete the container – if you’re using cheap/renewable ones (small wooden crates, woven baskets) then it saves on creating hundreds of individual deletion tasks. The main difficulty is if you end up with food you don’t want to delete mixed in with the rot; this can somewhat be solved by un-enabling food in the filled containers while enabling it somewhere else (ideally input containers, since they can be made to accept specific foods and won’t accept rot); which leaves the rot in the containers since it has nowhere else to go.

This technique isn’t practical if you keep on top of supply and demand, but if you have hundreds or thousands of rotten food stuck in chests then it can be a good way to consolidate it into one place for easier cleanup.


I usually create a small building or dig out a spot of the mountain where I won’t really go to and build a stockpile or crates and set them to only handle rotten food. I’m also using the better stockpile mod.

That is even worse I think, you are losing hearthling power/time moving items to the “dump”. Just let it disappear on its own.

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animal jerky and cooked food can’t rot, so just make your cook and trapper overproduce and let the farmer chill.


Or you could simply let the hearthlings stop working and go eat all food you have, you won’t have to deal with food rotten problem if there are no food. The only problem left is how you will manage to survive through the hard cold winter… :merry::merry::merry:

Animal jerky does rot.

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i guess my people just like squirrel jerky more than berries then

Not only just that, jerky takes 5 more time to rot than most food, 720 hours instead of 120