Hotfix for Alpha 16

We just released an update to Alpha 16 that corrects the issue of not being able to sort (or dispose of) orders in a crafter queue.

Now live on Steam and Humble Bundle.

not sure it was worth making a thread for this… :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps you could resort it or just dispose of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Totally worth it, necessary patch :smile:


Worth it :slight_smile:

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Might seem small, but i found the bug really irritating, so it’s worth it

Though, i’m still waiting for the archer fix for the defence banner

did not have that issue :slight_smile:

oh the patch was definitely worth it! when i said,

i meant making an entire topic just to show that a hotfix was made, i could have easily just replied to the initial A16 thread instead :wink:


Yes, i know what you meant and meant what I said: it was worth making a post for :smile:

And I was agreeing with reedo saying that making the post was worth it

oh… and this is why i try not to go on the discourse past 10 PM :laughing: