New Hotfix Patch?

So i was watching some House m.d while all of the sudden i saw my steam was updating stonehearth, when i checked to see how big it was i saw that the folder size was increased by 1mb from 94mb to 95mb. So does anyone have any idea’s of what they might have fixed or patched? One thing i do know is that villagers now light campfires at night time.

Yeah this probably is and (please don’t do me for spamming but) please try to post any future bugs over here

Its not really a bug now is it? More like a patch, seeing how they fixed something.

I know the fire issue was one thing - not sure what else was addressed.

Yeah only the fire thing, that’s what they said in IRC and in my Stream

Whew, @Geoffers747 is back and can finally relieve me or trying to get this crazy forum under control and getting everyone posting in the right places

P.S. Geoffers bro this link: should be spammed on any page that even mentions bugs


If people want to report bugs here, I’m letting it slide for the meantime whilst I hear back from Radiant if they want to move everything over to Stonehearth guru.

Thanks for your help though!

Another update, the folder has now gone from 95mb to 100mb. (Steam version)

i’ve kept my humble page open and a new version is apparently available for download. I’m assuming this to be the new update/s

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yeah, i have a feeling we’ll eventually just house them there (curse)… but in the interim, it may help ease the transition to have duplicate locations…

I’m having a very weird glitch where after three day-night cycles it will freeze all my settlers and the day cycle will pass quickly and then everyone will immediately go to sleep in their bed and also there will be graphical glitches where part of them will warp into their bed.

mod edit: could it be related to this bug, perhaps?

Click the link Sarhifigus provided and please report the but there, this topic is for noticing the new updates that came along the new patches, not for the bugs :slight_smile: